Explore the Flavor of Denver & Build Your Dream Home in Topaz This Restaurant Week!

Explore the Flavor of Denver & Build Your Dream Home in Topaz This Restaurant Week!

40909 Topaz Drive
Deer Trail, CO 80105
7.05 Acres (Lot) | $140,000

Seize the opportunity to shape your ideal rural retreat on this prime RA-1 zoned land. Start from scratch and bring to life the countryside home you've always dreamed of!

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This home originally listed for $840,000 ( after it burned down) last year, finally sold! Just goes to show, if you have the wrong price, the market will let you know. Check out the full story below!

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A pivotal bill setting new standards for tenant eviction in Colorado. This legislation mandates cause for eviction, aiming to balance tenant protections with landlord rights.

For investors, understanding these changes is crucial for navigating the rental market effectively. Whether assessing risk, planning property management strategies, or exploring investment opportunities, staying informed on this legislation could impact
your decisions.

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This year marks a monumental milestone as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Denver Restaurant Week! It's been two decades of unforgettable flavors, innovative dishes, and the gathering of food lovers from all corners.

Denver Restaurant Week will showcase the creative, exciting menus that diners have come to expect - with both to-go and in-person options. For the first time, Denver Restaurant Week will include four price points: $25, $35, $45 and $55 for a multi-course meal.

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