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5 Reasons Why You Need a Realtor

In today's world, we love self-service. From self-checkouts at grocery stores to digital reservation kiosks at your favorite restaurant- we like to be able to get things done ourselves. So, why should real estate be any different? After all, iBuyers are becoming more and more popular- allowing sellers to get an instant offer on their properties. As a buyer or a seller, it is important to understand the risks of going it alone- and why it is well worth the investment to have a Realtor in your corner. Here are the top five reasons why you need a Realtor!

#1 iBuyers Have Many Hidden Fees

What you might not realize is that service providers such as Opendoor and Zillow Offers are not as straightforward as they appear. While you do receive a cash offer for your home, these companies have various service charges, which they may not initially disclose. For example, they have an average service charge ranging from 5-8% of the value of your home. Additionally, they often include repair fees and even charge you for the time it takes to resell your home. All of this cuts into your financial gain some have reported more than 20% fees with these types of transactions. This cost is far more than hiring a Realtor, who will be able to sell your home for a more competitive price.

#2 Real Estate Transactions Can Get Complicated

On a surface level, buying or selling property may seem simple, you may even have friends or family that listed or purchased without the help of a Realtor. Unless you have experience in real estate, you may quickly find yourself way over your head in unfamiliar terms and complicated documents. From disclosures to inspection reports, many elements come up on the way to the closing table. Additionally, Realtors know when things such as inspection objections are necessary, this is something you may miss that could lead to you paying more than necessary. With a Realtor, you have someone to do the heavy lifting and guide you through every step of the process.

#3 Realtors Have a Powerful Network

The importance of networking can not be underestimated! Realtors have built many connections in their careers. This may help you when it comes to finding a perfect listing or connecting to a prospective buyer. They also work with other professionals such as inspectors, lenders, home stagers, and many more. They can introduce you to trusted, reputable partners. Without this expertise, you may find yourself searching the internet for these specialists without knowing that you are contacting a quality professional. Save yourself time and risk by tapping into your Realtor's professional network!

#4 A Realtor Has Negotiation Skills

Let's be honest- everyone is always looking out for their bottom line! Homeowners want as much as they can get for their homes and buyers are looking to snatch a deal. If you are not familiar with the market and its current values, you might find yourself unaware of how to judge offers that come your way. There is no need to worry about this when you have a Realtor- they know when you are being lowballed and will not hesitate to protect your assets. They also have a knack for knowing what to do to make their offers stand out in a crowd. Negotiation is a valuable talent that you will benefit from when you work with a professional. 

#5 Marketing Resources Will Be Put To Work For You

Realtors understand the power of a good marketing campaign. They often have entire teams behind them who are experts at getting your listing noticed. They utilize many tools such as social media, flyers, video tours, and more. Marketing is also helpful for the prospective buyer, Realtors can network with other real estate professionals so that when a listing comes up that matches your qualifications, you will be the first to know- often before the house is even on the market! Your Realtor wants to get you the best deal possible and whether you are buying or selling, their marketing prowess will go to work for you!

All in All- It Is Worth It To Invest In A Professional!

Buying and selling a home are some of the biggest financial moves you will make in your life. Why risk your lifelong investment or waste needless hours? Post-closing regrets often happen if people do it on their own when they realize they have made missteps that could have been avoided with a professional advisor. Choosing the right Realtor may just be the smartest move you ever make!

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